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Very Good Shoot Em Up with great game mechanics and lots of weapons. only problem is the difficulty is far to hard even on easy ive practised stage 2 for a long time and no chance of beating it, i know theres 3 continues to help you get through part way...i think 3 lives and 3 continues to have a chance of getting further, i really want to progress and see more levels because their are very impressive stages full of surprises and Awesome bosses, overall Excellent Game and lots of potential, please make the game a bit easier especially when im only a single player.. most appreciated & thank you :)

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Okay I'll change the default number of lives for easy to 3 and make a very easy mode with 6 lives. Thanks for letting me know because I've played those levels so much it's hard for me to determine if they are too difficult.

Edit: I have the changes done, but I also cleaned up a lot of the code so I'll need to throughly test the changes before updating. If I don't run into any issues tomorrow I'll push the update.

I really appreciate that, Thanks so much again, also I think getting much older as  something  to do with my not so quick reaction these days lol, yes very impressive Shoot em up and hopefully I will have more of a chance of getting further now, cheers :)

It's now up. I also changed it so that repair modules will now drop in single player, and changed their functionallity to completely restore the ships shields. They used to only restore other players that have been defeated. Let me know if you have any issues.

Thanks so much again i can happily progress further & your fast responce, ive finally got to the stage 2 Boss and very impressive he is too, Overall this is a very good game and well worth more than your asking price, theirs more expensive games that are no way near as good has this one.  yes it is very challenging game but so are most side scrolling shoot em ups including the 80's Classics Gradius and R-Type their are still very hard. cheers pal :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it!